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Ecumenical Service of Remembrance to mark month’s memory of the tragic deaths in Brussels (22nd March 2016) - Speaking and Homily notes


Speaking and Homily notes of  Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin


Late last year I led a delegation of Irish Catholic Bishops to Brussels to meet with representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament.  It was a wonderful occasion for us to reflect on what Europe means but also to experience the hospitality which the citizens of Brussels day after day offer to men and women of all faiths, cultures and political persuasions who come to their city seeking to work for a better Europe.

Yes, Brussels like any large modern cosmopolitan city has its own tensions and inequalities.   But Brussels has also taken on this special role of welcome and encounter and its citizens, drawing from their own European heritage, have reshaped and transformed their culture into a modern culture of welcome.

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