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A Message from Monsignor Lorcan O’Brien - Administrator

“The Kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field.” Mt. 13:24.


I come to Donnybrook in faith.  The Lord has planted me in the fertile soil of the Parish of the Sacred Heart. It is good to be reminded by the Gospel at the beginning of my ministry in Donnybrook, of the Lord who does the sowing, of the Word of God that is sown, the one who gives the increase and of his judgement.

I pray that in my ministry here I will serveyou, the people of the parish, help to nurturethe Word that God has planted in all our hearts and that together, in the joy of the Gospel we will serve the coming of His Kingdom of love, justice and peace. I am very mindful of those who served here before me, Bishop Kevin and the late Fr. Martin and the plans you are making for the future. I am very pleased to be working with Fr. Conor Harper whom I have known for many years and grateful for the assistance of Mgr. Sherry and Fr. John Boyers and Fr. Conor’s Jesuit colleagues. These are challenging times for faith and for mission. They are God’s times,times of great opportunity for Christ and for his Gospel. Christ is the yeast the Father has mixed in with our three measures of flour,ourselves, our families and communities and our society. Together in Christ we will discover the face of God, worship God and serve God.


Mgr Lorcan O’Brien

Welcome To Donnybrook Parish

This is our parish, our local Christian community. The Church of the Sacred Heart, in the heart of the Donnybrook village, is the focal point for our worshipping community.

Whether you have lived here for many years or have recently moved here does not matter; you are currently part of a welcoming and caring faith community.

The web site has been developed to present helpful information and a sense of belonging. It is also an invitation to become involved at some level in the life of the parish and to use your talents in the service of others.

Wishing you every blessing
Mgr Lorcan O’Brien (Administrator)

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09.11.2014 10:00AM - 06:00PM
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First Friday Masses

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Saint Of The Day

  • The St. Florian commemorated in the Roman Martyrology on May 4th, was an officer of the Roman army, who occupied a high administrative post in Noricum, now part of Austria, and who suffered death for the Faith in the days of Diocletian. 

His legendary "Acts" state that he gave himself up at Lorch to the soldiers of Aquilinus, the governor, when they were rounding up the Christians, and after making a bold confession, he was twice scourged, half-flayed alive, set on fire, and finally thrown into the river Enns with a stone around his neck. His body, recovered and buried by a pious woman, was eventually removed to the Augustinian Abbey of St. Florian, near Linz. 

It is said to have been at a later date translated to Rome, and Pope Lucius III, in 1138, gave some of the saint's relics to King Casimir of Poland and to the Bishop of Cracow. Since that time, St. Florian has been regarded as a patron of Poland as well as of Linz, Upper Austria and of firemen. There has been popular devotion to St. Florian in many parts of central Europe, and the tradition as to his martyrdom, not far from the spot where the Enns flows into the Danube, is ancient and reliable. Many miracles of healing are attributed to his intercession and he is invoked as a powerful protector in danger from fire or water. His feast day is May 4th.