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Living the Joy of the Gospel

LivingtheJoyoftheGospelLiving the Joy of the Gospel, is a Diocesan initiative, aims to support and sustain the three pillars of Catholic Parish life, the Church and gathering places, lay involvement in evangelisation, ministry and faith development and ongoing support for priests in active ministry.

Today we launch our parish plans under the Living the Joy of the Gospel initiative. There are four elements to our plans for Living the Joy of the Gospel in Donnybrook, the parish centre, car parking, the Church and contributing to a fund for the provision of a parish pastoral worker. We now need to raise €2.5M. Donnybrook will be using the funds we raise exclusively for this purpose. We also need to continue our support for the day to day running expenses of the parish.

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Welcome To Donnybrook Parish

This is our parish, our local Christian community. The Church of the Sacred Heart, in the heart of the Donnybrook village, is the focal point for our worshipping community.

Whether you have lived here for many years or have recently moved here does not matter; you are currently part of a welcoming and caring faith community.

The web site has been developed to present helpful information and a sense of belonging. It is also an invitation to become involved at some level in the life of the parish and to use your talents in the service of others.

Wishing you every blessing
Mgr Lorcan O’Brien (Administrator)

Upcoming Events


6:00 pm 02.08.2015 - 2:00 pm 08.08.2015




07.08.2015 7:30 pm - 7:30 pm


09.08.2015 10:00 am - 11:15 am


10.08.2015 7:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Saint Of The Day

  • Saint Gamaliel
    Saint Gamaliel was a Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the Law. We learn from Acts 22:3, that he was the teacher of St. Paul. Gamaliel is represented in Acts 5:34 as advising his fellow-members of the Sanhedrin not to put to death St. Peter and the Apostles, who, notwithstanding the prohibition of the Jewish authorities, had continued to preach to the people. His advice, however unwelcome, was acted upon, so great was his authority with his contemporaries.