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Sunday ReflectionThe readings today seem to bring forward both God’s love and his power, that he uses to protect and take care of us.

I think we have all already experienced this kind of moments when we feel completely helpless, weak, unarmed when facing a complicated situation or a tough time. Sometimes we might get to a point where we don’t know whom to turn to, because maybe other people around us are as powerless as we are, or because we feel like they wouldn’t understand, or maybe because we’re afraid to hurt their feelings. In these moments, we may turn to God as a last resort, a last chance to make things better or simply to confide in someone. God is that person on which we can always rely, the one who will be there when we will feel lonely and abandoned. As Christians, we do believe he’s the one to trust, the one whom we can always ask for help and comfort.

And yet, why would we wait for this very last moment? Why wait until we are almost desperate? God is not only our last solution, he is the first and the best one, and more importantly, why wait for problems to come to ask for help? I think it is important to entrust him with every event to come, every challenge we will eventually face. Setting ourselves under his protection, asking for his blessing beforehand is the best way to make sure everything goes right. Before a presentation at work, an exam in college or school, any important event, why not a family meeting, we should pray and ask him to accompany us. And of course we may as well do so every single day when we wake up, or leave home. He surely knows everything about the difficulties of the day, but he won’t force us to receive what he has to give, so let’s ask him!

That’s another point I would like to underline from today’s readings: God is the one who knows everything, the one who can fairly judge, the one whose judgement we should care about. We heard he would reveal what is hidden in our hearts; everything we secretly do, he knows about it. Not only can he help us face the difficulties, but also he knows all we do that the others might not see, and he certainly is grateful for the good things we do that they don’t notice. All we do for others is not lost; even when we feel our work has been pointless, it never is: God can always make something good out of it, he is the one who renders our actions fruitful. All we have to do is trust him with it, because he is almighty and will take care of each and every single one of us. We should do our part and faithfully leave the rest to him.