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Sunday ReflectionWe probably don’t realise, cannot realise how much our Lord suffered for us. And certainly we don’t think about it enough. In order to understand it, I think we have to try and imagine what it was like. Arrested during the evening, he certainly didn’t get any rest as he went from Caiaphas to Pilate, being beaten and mocked both in between and afterwards, several times; then he had to carry his cross and be nailed to it. And not only was he physically injured, but imagine how he must have felt, facing this all alone, knowing his disciples had fled when he got arrested, being constantly laughed at, betrayed by one of his friends, knowing he was about to die. Surely, we can barely imagine what suffering and humiliation this must have been.

I think reminding us of this may help us during this last week before Easter. Maybe we are not quite happy with our Lent; maybe we are beginning to find it a bit long now, or maybe everything is fine! But this thought of his suffering may encourage us to go on, and even do better for this last and most beautiful week. Indeed, surely we can take a bit of his pain. Isn’t that what you do with people you love? You participate in their suffering, you share their pain with them. And can’t we endure a little pain for someone who has freely chosen to suffer and die for us? So that he may get a little relief and a little consolation. Our efforts are so little compared to what he did for us; and yet, if each and every one of us takes over a part of it, how relieved will he be!

More generally, I feel like the readings today encourage us not to be afraid in front of those who attack us because of our faith. We can bear sufferings for his sake and the sake of those to whom we talk about him, because we know that we are saved, and we have nothing to fear. In the present it may not be obvious, just as it seemed quite impossible for those who laughed at him when he was on the cross that the Christ would rise from the dead. But we know, we believe that ultimately we are the winners, because we know we are saved whatever happens. So with him and for him, anything can be endured. Because he gave his life for us.

Flore de Lachapelle