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InOurHandsDuring our Parish Gathering on 10th October, 2018, we considered the pastoral future of our parish community.

The Parish Pastoral Council sincerely thank the 120 people who attended and participated through the process of reflection, discussion and articulation of views.

The Parish Pastoral Council considered the responses and from them we have identified four pastoral priorities.

  • Outreach to young people and young adults
  • Formation and support for parents in conjunction with sacramental preparation of children.
  • Make Parish Pastoral Centre a place for building Community and Formation in Faith.
  • Establish better communications using modern technology.

To progress these four priorities the Pastoral Council has decided to take the following 3 steps

We will seek to form teams to work specifically on each of these four pas- toral priorities. This is where we will need your help and active involvement through volunteering your expertise.

This will offer the invitation to parishioners to share their talents and abilities in the areas in which they can contribute to accomplish our goals.

The Pastoral Council will put together a realistic plan at the start of the new year. This plan will include a review of our communications within the parish. It will establish an annual Review and Planning Meeting at which parishioners can consider needs and priorities for the coming year.

If you are willing to offer help and support the development of these positive initiatives within the parish

Please get in touch by contacting:

• Text/WhatsApp : 089 4287512
• Email: • Phone 01 269 3926

Downlod fthe Donnybrook Parish Gathering Booklet Dec 2018. News Feed